ZF-20D Black Box UV Analyzer Is Simple And Easy To Maintain

- Aug 11, 2019-

ZF-20D black box UV analyzer is simple and easy to maintain

ZF-20D black box UV analyzer structure

ZF-20D type desktop black box three-purpose ultraviolet analyzer, the instrument is composed of two sets of quartz ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths of 254nm and 365nm and color filters. For the chromatography plate to spot, positioning lighting, there is also an ordinary fluorescent lamp inside the seat. The whole machine is simple in structure, light in weight, versatile in parts, and convenient in use and maintenance.

ZF-20D black box UV analyzer technical performance:

1. Ultraviolet wavelength: 254nm*2, 365nm*2 (can be changed to 254nm or 365nm according to customer requirements)

2, UV filter size: 80mm × 150mm

3, power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz; lamp tube pressure: 50V ± 10V

4, instrument power: 24w; instrument weight: 3.5Kg

ZF-20D black box UV analyzer maintenance notes:

1. ZF-20D black box UV analyzer should be placed in a cool, dry, dust-free and acid-free, steam-free place, the instrument should be clean. Do not unplug the power cord for a long time and cover it with a protective cover.

2. Do not spill water or liquid on the instrument.

3. If the glass on the light box is stained, it can be wiped clean with an alcohol cotton ball.