Two Sets Of Short Path Molecular Distillation Systems Were Installed In Fengyuan Group

- Aug 06, 2018-

Last year, Fengyuan group ordered one set short path molecular distillation system to be used in drug raw material experiment. They are very satisfied with our quality and high cost performance. Today, customer would like to order two sets FMD-150WFE for the headquarters laboratory. FMD-150WFE is the upgrade configuration of FMD-150, which has the advantages of heating feeding materials and heat preservation of outlet materials. It is especially suitable for distillation of high melting point and high viscosity materials.

In addition, the two sets of equipment have added external condenser to prevent volatile corrosive gas from corroding the vacuum pump, one of which has also upgraded the waste gas treatment.

The customer gave us a high evaluation of our products!

2018.04.27, another two sets of short path molecular distillation systems were installed in Fengyuan Group.

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