The Uniqueness Of Molecular Distillation Has Been An Exhaustive Process.

- Oct 17, 2017-

Since the study of molecular distillation technology in China has been relatively late, so far it is still in its infancy, where molecular distillation has largely not been widely used in industrialized production, but in the pharmaceutical industry, the extraction of active ingredients from vitamins and herbs, and the application of food, cosmetics and petrochemical industries. But even so, molecular distillation is an exhaustive process compared to other separation technologies.

It's also a separation technique, but the molecular distillation technology is carried out under the condition of high vacuum, so it not only has the characteristics of no toxicity, no pollution, no residue, high purity of product, but also shows low distillation temperature, high space vacuum degree, short heating time and high separation degree.

Because the molecular distillation operating temperature is low, and the heating time is short, so it will greatly improve product quality, in addition to the separation of general materials, particularly suitable for high boiling point substances, heat sensitive substances and easy to oxidize the separation of substances, to maintain the quality of natural materials have a special function.

In the process of molecular distillation, selective evaporation of the target product can be achieved, and then other impurities are removed, and more than two species can be separated at the same time through multistage separation. Since this is a physical process, it is well protected from contamination and encroachment.

With the development of industrialization, molecular distillation technology has been widely used in the separation of high value-added materials, especially the separation of natural objects. In our daily life, there are also many examples of the use of molecular distillation technology, to a large extent, brought convenience.