The Steps Of One Or Two Distillation Of A High Purity Water Distiller

- Oct 17, 2017-

When the high purity water distiller opens the box, the condenser tube is removed directly, disinfect it, then insert the outlet of distilled water on the grinding mouth of the transverse flask, at the same time, the rubber tube of the pipe mouth of the level device is sheathed on the upper outlet of the condenser pipe, and a short rubber tube is sheathed in the water outlet of the outlet.

It should be noted at this time, must ensure that the high purity water distillation of the pipeline unblocked, and not higher than the horizontal line at the outlet, so as not to affect the distillation bottle of the level. Then the hose is sheathed in the lower inlet of the condenser tube and connected with the water source, and then it will pass through the cooling pipe and the water-level to the horizontal flask.

After treatment, the water will also enter the high water purifier two times cooling pipe inlet, and through the upper outlet into a cooling pipe of the lower inlet, from the upper outlet into the water level. In the first distillation of a high purity water distillation, as long as the power supply will start a distillation, the distillation will also flow into two times of distillation bottles, wait until the water level to the due height of two times distillation, thereby further improving the purity of distilled waters.

High-purity water distillation after a period of distillation, its horizontal flask and heating tube surface may appear scale, then must be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the distillation effect, serious damage to the heating tube.