The Necessary Conditions Of Molecular Distillation And Its Role In Fine Chemical Industry

- Oct 17, 2017-

In chemical and oil production, it is often distilled from the mixture to purify the material, as a conventional way to achieve the separation of substances, in addition to the ordinary decompression distillation, there is a special nature of the separation and purification of the material and the introduction of molecular distillation.

Because molecular distillation is carried out at a higher vacuum than the boiling point, and the distillation time is very short, so this process is particularly suitable for the separation of low volatility, high molecular weight, boiling point, high viscosity, thermal sensitivity and biological activity of materials, this technology has been successfully applied in petrochemical food, plastics, medicine and other industries.

The separation of molecular distillation is conditional, firstly, the distance between evaporation surface and condensation surface must be short; at the same time, they also need to ensure a higher temperature difference, so that the molecule can be transferred from the liquid phase to the gas phase at a faster speed, in addition to maintain a higher vacuum in the system, and evaporation surface of the liquid film should be as thin as possible.

The application scope of molecular distillation also extends to fine chemical industry, it is mainly used for separation of hydrocarbons, crude oil and analogues, the purification of surfactants and the preparation of chemical intermediates, the deodorization and decolorization of Lanolin and its derivatives, the refining of plastic plasticizer, stabilizer and the refining of silicone oil, paraffin oil and advanced lubricating oil.