The Development History Of Drying Equipment In China

- Apr 16, 2019-

China's drying equipment is basically blank before liberation. There are only drying rooms, ovens and drum dryers. The drying technology is backward and the production equipment is original. The vacuum squeezing dryer appeared only in 1957, and the drying technology developed rapidly after 1964. Throughout the development history of China's drying technology and equipment, it has experienced a development stage from simple to complex, from low to high in decades. Nowadays, there are more than ten series of drying equipment commonly used in production, plus combined drying. There are about 50 kinds of equipments, plus special drying equipment is more difficult to count. It is not easy to select these drying equipment reasonably. The premise of selection is to understand the basic working principle, structural characteristics and applicable materials of these equipments. Scope, so avoid detours when selecting.

In recent years, due to the development of drying technology, more complicated factors have been brought to the screening equipment. Even the design, manufacture or user of drying equipment often fails to figure out how to choose the right equipment. Since the promoters of the drying equipment are only interested in the types of dryers they sell on the market, but not the other types, the user has to rely on the relevant modern drying technology reference materials to determine the final selection of the equipment. There is no doubt that users need the laboratory, experimental scope and technical and economic aspects provided by the promoters. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with most drying equipment to make it possible to select a reasonable equipment. It should be emphasized that in a particular production run state, there are likely to be many more suitable dryers, but it must also be known that in a particular working state, there is no strict rule that specifies the most accurate optimal drying equipment. Each product has its own unique production method. There are many factors that influence the choice of the best drying equipment, such as intermittent drying or continuous drying, fossil fuel consumption, electricity consumption, local environmental laws or noise pollution restrictions. Product yield is a major factor in the choice of dryer.

Third, the use of drying equipment

As mentioned earlier, drying equipment is used in large quantities in many industrial processes. Over the years, a variety of models have been used in industrial production, such as airflow dryers, fluidized bed dryers, spray dryers, drum dryers, drier dryers, freeze dryers, infrared drying and combined drying. There are dozens of them. Why are there many types of drying equipment? This is mainly due to the different types and properties of dry materials, and the materials to be processed have various specific requirements.

 With the rapid development of production technology in various industries in China, domestic drying technology and equipment have also developed rapidly. In the drying of granular materials, fluidization technology has gained wider application and new development in recent years. Fluidized drying fully improves the gas-solid phase contact conditions (increased evaporation surface area), the vigorous agitation of the material, greatly reduces the film resistance, and creates extremely favorable conditions for the heat transfer medium. In addition to the relatively rapid development of domestic airflow drying in drying technology, fluidized drying equipment has developed the fastest in recent years.