Technical Requirements For Improving The Level Of Drying Equipment

- Apr 12, 2019-

Although there are many drying equipment factories in China, the level of drying equipment is still far away from that of advanced countries. This is the consensus of the industry. How to improve the level of dry technology in China as soon as possible, and to deal with competition from all aspects after entering the WTO, is the most important issue in the current drying industry. Combining the views of many experts, the following suggestions are proposed for the current situation of China's drying industry.

Enhance the technical content and production capacity of the product. Pay attention to the following in the process of technology development:

(1) Strengthen basic theoretical research

Basic theoretical research is the basis for the development of new technologies. Only by strengthening the basic research in the field of drying, drying technology can be continuously developed, and the development of drying technology can promote the progress of drying equipment. Basic research and experimental equipment with complete control means should be established in colleges and universities and research institutes in China, and a dry basic research base should be established. In-depth study of the drying mechanism, laying a theoretical foundation for technology development, so that China's drying equipment will gradually take the road of self-innovation.

(2) Study of material properties Dryness is inseparable from materials, and the characteristics of the materials to be dried in the drying process and the requirements for the products are different. Due to the difference in material properties, the complexity of the drying equipment and the diversification of the dryer structure are formed. For the drying equipment that has been industrialized, the drying mechanism and equipment structure are not difficult to grasp. It is more difficult to adjust the equipment structure for the specific materials to meet the requirements of the materials to be dried. The technicians of the drying equipment factory mainly focus on the mechanical equipment, and they often regard the drying equipment as a pure mechanical product. The limitations of the profession make it relatively contempt for the physical properties of the materials, and the defects in the nature of the materials lead to unsatisfactory equipment. Therefore, a successfully designed dryer is first of all a correct understanding of the material, and then a reasonable mechanical design. Therefore, the design personnel of the dryer should pay attention to the study of material properties.

(3) Research on automatic control The low level of automation of domestically produced drying equipment and the backwardness of control methods are common problems. As far as the current level of automation is concerned, it is not difficult to solve the control problem in drying equipment, but the most lacking is the problem of reasonable combination of self-control professional and drying equipment. As mentioned earlier, different materials have different requirements for dryers. Similarly, different materials have different requirements for control methods. The role of automatic control in dryers is well known, but its one-time investment is also a major concern, and sometimes the investment in control equipment exceeds the price of the mechanical part of the dryer. If the plan is unreasonable, or the process requirements are not met, or the investment is wasted, these are the concerns of the investors. It is necessary to determine the most reasonable control method for the dryer and drying process, and to determine the appropriate control method for the specific drying project. It is also the subject of research at present.

(4) Research on drying of high value-added special materials In recent years, various new materials have been successfully developed, covering all aspects of national production. Many new materials have the characteristics of stable product quality, strict control of the drying process, strong processability and high added value of materials. The emergence of new materials also poses new challenges to drying technology. Such as ultra-fine powder, the viscosity of the liquid is large, the preparation of powder, the drying of nano-materials, the preparation of micro-capsule powder, etc., are all urgent problems to be solved in the drying profession.

(5) Research on amplification effect <The amplification process of drying equipment is not a simple geometric amplification, involving fluid mechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, materials science, dust removal and anti-corrosion, electrical control and other disciplines. Some problems are likely to occur during the enlargement process. Therefore, the amplification of the drying equipment is by no means a simple geometric enlargement. In this respect, it depends to a large extent on industrialization experience, mastery of material properties and knowledge of drying equipment. The phenomena that may occur during the amplification process should be rational and objective, and the corresponding scheme can be proposed. The so-called research amplification effect is to grasp the dry theory and drying technology, pay attention to the accumulation of practical experience, sum up the amplification law of the equipment, and accumulate experience for the project.