Solvent Filter With Fast Flow And Good Sealing Performance

- Jan 04, 2019-

Solvent filter, also known as mobile phase filter, uses special hard high-quality glass material, uniform wall thickness, no bubble, beautiful appearance, can be used for sterilization under high temperature and high pressure, good sealing performance, fast flow, standard grinding. It is mainly used for the filtration of HPLC mobile phase and has a certain degassing function to ensure the cleanness of the mobile phase and prevent the clogging of the HPLC liquid path.

 According to the test requirements, different types and pore size filters are used, and the oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump device is used to remove impurities, clarify and filter, improve filtration efficiency and analysis precision, and enhance the effect of degassing. It plays an important role in the protection of chromatography columns and chromatographs and is widely used in laboratory chromatography.
The advantages of solvent filters are:
Degasing the eluate to remove particles;
Prevents the formation of false peaks in the detector due to solvent bubbles at the low pressure end of the chromatogram;
Extend solvent inlet life;
Avoid stopping the pump due to cavitation and particulates in the inspection valve;
Reduce the wear of the plunger rod and extend the life of the column;
Solvent filter application:
It is mainly used for the filtration of water, organic and corrosive liquids. It is used for the analysis of specific pollutants. It is especially recommended for the filtration of HPLC mobile phase. It has a certain degassing effect to ensure the cleanness of the mobile phase and prevent the HPLC solution. The road is blocked. It can also be used for sterility test, culture sterilization filtration, and sterilization filtration of thermosensitive substances.
Solvent filter features
1. High-quality glass material, the glass is smooth and transparent, no bubbles, and the wall thickness is uniform;
2. Using special hard high-quality glass material, the temperature difference of resistance is 280 °C;
3. It has good pressure resistance and can be used for high temperature and high pressure sterilization;
4. This product has fast flow rate, good grinding standard and good sealing performance;
5. Dimensions and specifications conform to international standards and can be matched with foreign brands.