Prospects For The Development Of China's Instruments

- Dec 23, 2018-

With the continuous expansion of the demand in the international market, the testing machine industry, which is closely related to people's lives, has also developed rapidly. However, due to technical and innovation reasons, there is still a huge gap between the domestic testing machine industry and foreign countries, and the lack of key core technologies. Low level of repetition, product stability and reliability are not fundamentally resolved, and imports are still heavily dependent on high-end precision instruments. A large number of imports have adversely affected the development of the industry.
First, high-end universal test equipment. We will concentrate our efforts on breaking through a number of test equipments that are in high demand, heavily dependent on imports, and expensive, and overcome the core technologies and key components of a number of test equipments, driving the overall level of test equipment in important fields and breaking foreign monopolies.
Second, the frontier major test equipment. Based on China's strategic deployment in the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the world, we will develop a number of major experimental instruments and equipment with international leading level, effectively support China's development of world-class scientific research, characteristic scientific research, and promote the development of high-tech industries.
Third, conventional general-purpose test equipment. It will strengthen the coordination role of the science and technology departments, select from the existing various types of science and technology plans (special projects, funds) or free-funded test equipment, and adopt the application demonstration and post-implementation subsidies to make the domestic high-quality test instruments and equipment widely used. The market share has increased significantly, and China's test equipment industry has grown.
For different people, precision measuring instruments have different concepts. In the eyes of ordinary people, it refers to specific instruments: secondary image measuring instrument and coordinate measuring machine, and in the eyes of enterprises, precision measurement The instrument means the economic benefits obtained in the future. The future development of precision testing instruments is closely related to them.
For the future development of precision measuring instruments, and for every commodity, there is no difference, it contains two main aspects, that is, the production and sales of products. Therefore, how to better develop precision testing instruments can start from the two aspects of production and sales of instruments and achieve greater transformation.