Microwave Chemical Reactor Power, Set And Run Three Steps

- Aug 08, 2019-

Microwave chemical reactor power, set and run three steps

Microwave heating reactor microwave heating features:

1. Rapid heating. Microwave energy propagates in objects at the speed of light (3 × 1010 cm / s), instantaneous (10-9

Within seconds, the microwave energy can be converted into thermal energy of the material, and the thermal energy is infiltrated into the heated material without the need for heat conduction.

2. Fast response capability. It can quickly start, stop and adjust the output power, and the operation is simple.

3. Heat evenly. Heating at the same time inside and outside.

4. Selective heating. If the dielectric loss is large, the temperature after heating is high, and vice versa.

5. High heating efficiency. Since it is heated by itself, there is no heat conduction process in the heating, so there is no heat loss in the surrounding air and the heating box.

6, heat penetration is strong. The depth of diathermy and the wavelength are on the same order of magnitude, up to a dozen centimeters, while infrared heating is the surface heating, and the penetration depth is only on the order of micrometers.

The operation of the microwave chemical reactor is also very simple, mainly divided into three steps: power, setting and running

1. Power on:

1) Turn on the power of the microwave chemical reactor, turn on the power supply and the fan switch, and the power indicator light and the fan indicator light are illuminated accordingly;

2) Place the chemical substances you need to react in the microwave cavity; place the sensor in the reactants;

3) Turn on the magnetic stirrer, that is, turn the knob on the right side of the microwave chemical reactor door clockwise, the speed of the stirrer changes with the angle of rotation, adjust the stirring speed to make the stirrer rotate stably in the solution; close the reactor door .

2. Settings:

1) Press and hold the setting button for 2 seconds. Enter the setting state, select the parameter to be modified by the left shift and right shift key. In the running setting area, the selected parameter is displayed as a blue text on white. Change the selected parameter setting value by clicking or long pressing the increase and decrease keys.

2) The set temperature range is 0.0~250.0 °C, and the user can set it as needed.

3) The setting time range is 0~999 seconds, when the “measuring temperature” reaches the “set temperature of the current segment” ±0.5°C range. "Timekeeping" starts timing. When the “timekeeping time” reaches the “set time”, the reactor enters the next section to continue running, and the timing time is cleared. If the set time of a certain segment is set to 0, skip this segment directly (ie, the set temperature is invalid) and continue to run the next segment.

4) The range of the set gear is 1~10. If a certain gear is set to 10, the large output power of the Zui is 100%, that is, the microwave nominal power is 900W, which is set to 9. Then zui's large output power is 90%, and so on. In order to ensure the temperature control effect, it should be noted when setting the gear position: the higher the setting temperature, the higher the corresponding setting gear position should be, otherwise the temperature overshoot or the long-term control temperature cannot be reached.

5) After the setting is completed, press and hold the setting button to return to the normal display state. In the setting state, if there is no key pressed within 30 seconds, the controller will automatically return to the normal display state, and the set value will not be saved.

3. Run:

1) After the setting is completed, click the start button, the reactor starts running, and the “current status” is “running...”;

2) The measured temperature and output power start to change in real time, and the “run time” starts to count; “run time” refers to the time taken by the microwave to start working until you observe it, including the warming time and the constant temperature time.

3) Click the Page Up button to display the current temperature curve. The curve shows the temperature change within 45 minutes. When the run exceeds 45 minutes, the clear curve is redrawn. Click the page up button twice again to return to the main interface.

4) After all the five stages have been completed, the reactor stops working. The “current status” is “stop running” and “run time” is cleared, and the magnetron is turned off. The buzzer will beep for 30 seconds. Click the left and right shift keys to silence the buzzer.

5) When the "current status" of the real-time data area is "over temperature alarm". The reactor automatically shuts off the magnetron output. The measured temperature will slowly drop. If the temperature is still rising after 5 minutes, immediately turn off the power and contact the supplier.

6) During the microwave reaction process, when the user opens the door, the real-time data area displays “The door is open!”. The magnetron stops emitting microwaves, and the “current state” changes to “stop running”; after closing the door, click the start button again to start running.

7) When the "current status" of the real-time data area is "temperature overflow". “Measurement temperature” shows “OVER”, the buzzer sounds, the reactor stops working, indicating that the temperature sensor or the reactor itself is faulty, please ask the manufacturer.