Microwave Chemical Reactor Operation Must Not Come

- Jul 26, 2019-

A microwave chemical reactor is a high frequency electromagnetic wave that does not generate heat by itself. Natural microwaves cannot be used as an energy source because they are not concentrated. The magnetron used can convert electrical energy into microwaves and penetrate the medium at an oscillation frequency of 2450 MHz per second. When the medium has a suitable dielectric constant and medium. When it is worn out, high-frequency oscillation occurs in the electromagnetic field, and energy is accumulated inside the medium. For chemical reactions, both thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave chemical reactor operations can be generated:

1. Turn on the microwave chemical reactor power and turn on the power switch. The power indicator light, the oven light, and the LCD screen light up at the same time.

2. The chemical that you need to react must be placed in the microwave cavity.

3. Set parameters for working hours

The reactor is divided into five working hours. The lower gear position, temperature and time of each section are independently adjustable.

The gear input range is 01-10, 01 is the low level of zui, indicating 10% power. 10 is zui, expressed as 100% power.

The temperature input range is 0-250, which means 0 °C to 250 °C.

The time input range is 0-999, which means 0 seconds to 999 seconds.

4. Running a microwave chemical reactor

Press the touch panel confirmation button to confirm that the set working period parameter is valid data. The LCD cursor will disappear and the new input data will no longer be accepted. The parameters confirmed this time will be saved in the flash memory, and will not be lost after power off. Press the touch panel open button, the microwave chemical reactor will start working according to the user setting, and the microwave will start to launch. The microwave output is displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD screen. The LCD screen displays the current actual temperature, effective power, and actual time. Press the touch panel close button, the microwave chemical reactor stops working, and the microwave is no longer emitted. The microwave is displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD screen. The reaction condition is modified during the operation of the microwave chemical reactor. Press the touch panel setting button, the LCD cursor appears again, and the parameters can be modified. After the modification is completed, you must press the touch panel confirmation button to confirm. You don't have to press the Open button again.

5. Magnetic stirrer control

The control of the magnetic stirrer is controlled by the microcomputer alone, and the knob on the right side of the microwave chemical reactor door is rotated clockwise, and the speed of the magnetic stirrer is increased, and vice versa.