Low Temperature Cold Trap Manufacturers Save Experimental Identification

- Aug 17, 2019-

Low temperature cold trap manufacturers save experimental identification

Low-temperature cold trap, also known as "low temperature reaction bath" and "low temperature bath", is a new type of cryogenic equipment developed by our company in response to the new requirements of laboratory and pilot test, and has now formed a complete product system. The equipment can replace the dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low temperature reaction, and the temperature can be arbitrarily set and controlled within the effective range. The machine has a built-in strong magnetic stirring device with a two-stage stirring and circulation system to make the temperature in the tank more uniform. It can be used as a low temperature, constant temperature circulating pump and a constant temperature cold source. Such as biomedical, experimental research and other cold sources that require high precision temperature. It is also widely used in the experiments and identification of scientific research enzymes in hospitals.

Low temperature cold trap manufacturers application:

In use, a large glass flask containing the biochemical reaction solution to be tested is placed in the freezing liquid. The low temperature cold trap can also be used to pre-freeze the liquid in the external bottle of the freeze dryer, and can be used as a low temperature box to store the item without adding the frozen liquid.

Low temperature cold trap manufacturer principle:

In the high vacuum environment using the oil diffusion pump, there is a certain residual gas, more than 80% of which is water vapor, oil vapor and other high boiling steam, but its ability to remove residual gas is low, time is long, and all the residuals Gas is also a source of contamination for the workpiece, which affects the yield and quality of the product. Cryogenic pumps are a good choice for solving such problems.

The working principle of the cryogenic pump: a refrigeration coil that can reach below -120 °C, placed in the vacuum chamber or the pump port of the oil diffusion pump, through the surface of the low-temperature condensation effect, quickly capture the residual gas of the vacuum system. This greatly shortens the vacuuming time (60-90% of the pumping time can be shortened) and achieves a clean vacuum environment (the vacuum can be increased by half an order of magnitude to 10-8 Torr, 10-5 Pa).