How To Use DFY Low Temperature Constant Temperature Reaction Bath

- Aug 29, 2019-

1, DFY low temperature constant temperature reaction bath preparation

(1) Connect the inlet and outlet ports of the equipment to the outlet and inlet of the experimental equipment with a heat-insulating hose. (Insulation hose is the accessory for the equipment)

(2) Open the insulation cover and add water or other medium from the mouth of the water. The liquid must cover the evaporator.

(3) Turn on the power

Make sure the safety switch is off before connecting the power supply.

Plug the power connector into a dedicated outlet that has a reliable grounding wire!

2, DFY low temperature constant temperature reaction bath operation

(1) Turn on the leakage protection switch and the power switch.

(2) Setting the required temperature

(3) Turn on the cooling switch

(4) Turn on the cycle switch

After the temperature reaches the set temperature, the circulation switch can be turned on to provide external coolant.

(5) Turn on the stirring switch

In the experiment, if you need to stir, please put the magnetic stirrer to the bottom of the reservoir or put the magnetic stirrer into the flask, then put the flask into the reservoir (the distance between the bottom of the flask and the bottom of the reservoir should be Within 25mm), then press the stirring switch, its corresponding indicator light is on, adjust the speed control knob clockwise to achieve the user's required speed.

3, DFY low temperature constant temperature reaction bath after use

(1) First turn off the equipment to be cooled, then turn off the circulating pump switch, stirring switch, refrigerator switch, power switch, zui, pull down the safety switch, and unplug the power plug.

(2) If it is not used for a long time, please drain the coolant and rinse it off with water.