How To Properly Maintain The Shanghai Rotary Evaporator?

- Jul 29, 2019-

How to properly maintain the Shanghai Rotary Evaporator? Many people have many problems in the maintenance of the Shanghai rotary evaporator equipment, resulting in the effect of maintenance is not very obvious. So today, Shanghai Rotary Evaporator manufacturers tell everyone how to carry out the correct maintenance of the Shanghai Rotary Evaporator.

1. When using the Shanghai Rotary Evaporator, check it to see if there is any damage. If it is to be handled gently, clean the instrument before use. When the instrument is not clean, it should be Wipe it with a soft cloth. The softness of the soft cloth is not easy to scratch the instrument. After using the instrument, use a soft cloth to wipe the instrument, wipe off the stains and solvents together, and keep the instrument at all times. clean.

2, each joint should be loose, not too tight, so that you can keep it together without being screwed, the switch can not be tightened too much, otherwise it is easy to damage the glass. When you want to use the instrument, you should first turn on the power switch. This allows the Shanghai Rotary Evaporator to start from a slow to a fast timing. When the instrument stops working, first wait. When the instrument stops to understand, then turn off the switch, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the instrument is stuck when it is used. Regularly clean each part of the instrument, and if necessary, apply a layer of slip on the rotating part of the instrument. Dosing oil, be careful not to let the parts of the instrument enter the water, it is easy to cause rust and the instrument can not run.