How To Install A Microwave Chemical Reactor Without Failure

- Aug 02, 2019-

How to install a microwave chemical reactor without failure

The microwave chemical reactor can be a single reactor that measures only one point pressure, or a series of reactors that measure the entire production line. The microwave chemical reactor is connected to the data logger and the audible alarm device, and the processing parameters of the extruder can be adjusted by the processing control system. At the same time, microwave optical reactors are also very sensitive components that can be easily damaged if not properly installed and maintained. The following simple methods are helpful to extend the life of the microwave optical reactor while helping users to obtain accurate and reliable measurements.

All reactors should be removed before cleaning the extruder barrel with a wire brush or special compound. Because both cleaning methods may cause damage to the diaphragm of the reactor. When the barrel is heated, the reactor should also be removed and wiped with a soft cloth that does not wear out, and the reactor holes need to be cleaned with a clean drill and guide sleeve.

Microwave chemical reactor installation

1. Microwave chemical reactor cut-off waveguide:

The cut-off waveguide has been installed on the top of the furnace cavity. If it is loose during transportation, please tighten it.

2. Microwave chemical reactor PTFE tray:

Generally adjust the use of 3 long screws, screw them into the screw holes of the disc, according to the height to be adjusted, after the object is placed, do not touch the shaft at the bottom of the cavity. Place the screw with the flat head up. Short screws are reserved for other special configurations.

3. Placement of microwave chemical reactor:

1 Working environment: It is suitable to use inside the cabinet. Must be placed horizontally. The top reflow device or dosing device should be fixed with an experimental iron frame. No other objects should be placed within 15 cm of the back vent. It is not allowed to remove the foot of the furnace.

2 power supply: The ideal power supply is a regulated power supply. If there is no regulated power supply, there should be a dedicated power supply line, and it should not be collinear with other large equipment. The line must be well grounded. Apply a fuse of 8A or higher.