Fruit And Vegetable Drying Equipment Tunnel Design

- Apr 24, 2019-

Drying equipment to dry a variety of vegetables and fruits, instead of drying or drying the sun using traditional fuels, can effectively use low-temperature geothermal water.

A "geothermal" tomato dehydration plant has been producing high quality "sun" tomatoes since the beginning of 2001 in northern Erasmio, Greece. The unit is heated to 56-58 ° C using low-cost geothermal water in a specially designed tunnel drying facility that is introduced into the atmosphere. The scope of this work is to use low-lying geothermal energy in the drying process of the above tomatoes.

The modeling process is divided into two phases: the first phase focuses on the styling of a single tomato slice, while the focus is on the second phase of the styling, air drying equipment drying the tomatoes in the tunnel to move the trays in batches. The effects of air flow rate, air temperature, and tomato tray loading on the drying process were investigated. The configuration of the flow, that is, the downstream or countercurrent operation, discusses the effects of drying characteristics. The model can be used in continuous drying equipment drying processes, existing in Neo Erasmio design and optimized, and can be easily expanded and modified to handle other agricultural products and tunnel designs.