Considerations For Selection Of Distillation Separation Equipment

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. Production capacity is large. That is, unit tower on the section of the unit time to deal with a large amount of material. In the larger gas-liquid flow rate, there is still a large number of fog entrainment, blocking liquid or liquid pan and other damage to normal operation phenomenon.

2. High separation efficiency. The gas and liquid phase can be fully contacted and the separation effect is good.

3. The operation elasticity is big. There is a strong adaptability and wide range of operations. Can adapt to different properties of materials and in the load fluctuations can maintain operational stability, there is still a high separation efficiency.

4. Low pressure drop. That is, the flow through the small resistance, which can greatly save production power consumption, reduce costs, in the decompression tower if pressure drop over large systems will be difficult to maintain the necessary vacuum degree.

5. Simple structure, less supplies, easy to manufacture and installation, so as to reduce investment and reduce costs. 1

6. Corrosion resistance is not easy to plug, easy to operate, adjust and overhaul.