Characteristics Of Short-range Molecular Distillation Works

- Oct 17, 2017-

Short-range molecular distillation is an effective separation and purification device specially designed for temperature-sensitive and unstable compounds, and its internal control system can reduce the boiling point of materials. Because of the particularity of the short-range molecular distillation structure, it can effectively control the rapid and continuous separation of materials compared with other similar devices.

In the course of operation, the condensation surface and boiling surface of the short-range molecular distillation can form the pressure difference directly, this pressure difference is actually the driving force of the whole steam flow, because the distance between two faces is relatively short, so the material stays in the equipment is also very short time, this is the key to achieve rapid distillation.

In practical application, the short-range molecular distillation also shows a high strength and good corrosion resistance, can be applicable to most reagents and chemical materials, in the premise of not damaging the equipment, to meet the requirements of different occasions for the separation and purification of materials.

In order to ensure the stability of short range molecular distillation in the process of operation, it is necessary to choose the economical and reasonable distillation temperature and pressure condition to avoid the influence of the pressure and temperature on the distillation process.