Mini Spray Dryers for Lab Scale and Pilot Plants

Mini Spray Dryers for Lab Scale and Pilot Plants

Mini Laboratory Scale Plant Spray Dryers Drying Equipments are mainly provide for the production of microscale granular powders in colleges, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises.

Product Details

Instrument Introduction

Mini Spray Dryers for Lab Scale and Pilot Plants (2L and 5L) are mainly provide for the production of microscale granular powders in colleges, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises. With broad applicability to all solutions such as emulsion, suspension, etc., it is especially suitable for the drying of thermally sensitive materials including biological products, biological pesticides, and enzymes and so on. For, material spraying is only subjected to high temperatures when nebulizing, so this instant heating can ensure that the active ingredients of the active material are not destroyed after drying.

Instrument Features

■ Big size color touch-screen, integrated automatic and manual controls. Intelligent controller is instead of the domestic PLC control, giving it greater stability.

■ Automatic control: one-key start and set spraying process parameters; when reaching the predetermined temperature, the peristaltic pump will operate automatically.

■ Manual control: if user wants to adjust the process parameters in the experimental process, user can switch to the manual mode conveniently.

■ Color touch-screen will provide a dynamic display of the whole experiment process; the process can be shown clearly.

■ Shutdown protection function: for shutdown, simply press the 'Stop' button and the equipment will stop immediately except for the fan, thereby preventing the heating part of the equipment from being damaged due to disoperation. (I.e. the forced shutdown of the fan)

■ The spraying, drying and collecting systems are manufactured with high-quality transparent high borosilicate heat-resistant glass 3.3, allowing the whole process of spraying and drying experiments to be observed directly, this provides great convenience for user in controlling the process and results of experiments, and ensures that any problems can be found and solved in a timely manner. The whole process is conducted in the most stable and pollution-free environment, all glass components are very easy to disassemble and clean.

■ Being built-in imported oil-free air compressors, the particle sizes of powders are normally distribution, the liquidity is very good and the noise is lower than 60 db, according with national standards for laboratory noise.

■ Adopting the nebulization of two-fluid spraying, the overall unit is precisely manufactured with high quality stainless steel materials and a compact design requiring no auxiliary equipment. It is easy to use and always functions as though it were new.

■ Real-time regulation PID constant temperature technology has been adopted for the design of the drying temperature control, enabling the accurate temperature control of the full temperature range and control accuracy can reach 1±℃.

■ Feeding rate can be adjusted through the feeding peristaltic pump; the minimum sample can reach 50 ml.

■ Particle sizes of dried powder are comparatively uniform, with more than 95% of dry powder falling within the same particle size.

■ For viscous materials, are equipped with a nozzle cleaner (needle) ensuring that any nozzle blockage will be automatically removed; the operating frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.

■ In order to maintain the purity of samples, the product is equipped with air inlet filters. 

■ Innovative wall purging device allows a higher material recovery rate.

Technical Parameters

Maximum moisture evaporation rate (ml/h)


Peristaltic pump feeding range


Air inlet temperature range


Air outlet temperature range


Heating temperature control accuracy (°C)


Drying time


Dry air flow rate (fan)

Maximum blowing rate of 330m³/h, maximum wind pressure of 686 pa

Spray flow rate (compressor)

Maximum gas production rate of 3.6m³/h, spray pressure of 5-8 bar

Nozzle unblock

Needle frequency variable (0-20S)

Spray system

Two-fluid nozzle, standard 0.75 mm nozzle

Nozzle diameter

0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 (can be customized according to the requirements of the customer)

Spray/hot air flow direction

Same direction, down

Heater power


Overall unit power


Overall unit dimensions





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