With clamp filter funnel characteristics and production process

- Jan 16, 2019-

Product features with fixture filter funnel:

This durable, crack-resistant, clamp-on plastic filter funnel is used for microbial and particle analysis. Although consistent with the shape of the glass funnel, it resists cracking. Pure polysulfone is non-toxic and has low protein adhesion and is easy to clean. The upper reservoir is 25 ml per scale between 100-250 ml. Leakage or bypassing does not occur even after autoclaving.
With a clamp filter funnel filter support plate can stably support 47mm filter. The sliding cover has three orifices, each of which is fitted with a friction closure. The spring-loaded clamp holds the funnel and the shank together, while also easily recovering and replacing the filter.
With a clamp filter funnel, the fixture can be used for one-handed operation. Any filter bottle or filter multi-channel holder can be used with the funnel as long as it is fitted with a 9/16 in. (15 mm) aperture No. 8 rubber stopper (catalog number DS0396-0080). The funnel can also be sold separately.
High temperature autoclave / marked with scale.
The filter funnel includes an interlayer composed of inner and outer walls, a coil disposed within the interlayer, and a filter plate disposed within the funnel.
The funnel interlayer contains a bath. The coil is spirally wound and made of glass or metal tubing. The two ports of the coil extend from the outer wall of the sandwich and are connected to the inlet and outlet of the circulation pump of the refrigeration unit through a pipeline. The refrigerating device is a refrigerating machine with a circulation pump and a bath. The bath of the machine contains a thermal fluid, and the thermal fluid is driven into a coil placed in the interlayer through a circulating pump of the refrigerator. The heat transfer liquid entering the coil absorbs a large amount of heat, and is conducted by the bath liquid in the funnel interlayer, so that the temperature of the funnel can be rapidly lowered, and the filter can be filtered after reaching a predetermined temperature. After the filtration is completed, when the funnel is cleaned, the funnel can be heated by using a heating function of the refrigerating device to introduce a thermal fluid into the coil.
The bath and heat transfer fluid are each selected from the group consisting of methanol, ethanol or ethylene glycol, preferably ethylene glycol.
In order to accurately control the bath temperature, a temperature sensor connected to the thermostat is placed in the bath in the interlayer, and a valve controlled by the thermostat is placed on the coil heat transfer inlet line.
In order to make the heat transfer of the cooling filter or the cleaning heat uniform, the Zui is placed in the interlayer, and the stirring paddle is placed close to the bottom of the interlayer.