When there is a large amount of glass apparatus in the laboratory which needs to be cleaned, the majority is scrubbed with a brush soaked with washing powder or cleaner. As well as costing time and energy, it is difficult to get the apparatus thoroughly clean in this way

- Jan 31, 2018-

Apparatus with high cleanliness requirements is usually soaked in a potassium dichromate washing solution, then rinsed with water. However, potassium dichromate washing solution is apt to lose its efficacy and turn green, which will pollute the environment. Instead, prepare a large container in the lab, obtain some industrial alcohol from the workshop, and use the alcohol to dispose of the sodium silk used to dry solvents or use it as a washing solution; in addition, use a large tub (heated) along with washing powder water (determine the concentration as appropriate), add some sodium hydroxide to the washing powder water, soak the apparatus in the washing solution, heat it with an electric furnace for a while and wash with water after removing the apparatus - the effect is easy to see! Take care not to put brushes into heated washing solution.

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