What environment is the magnetic stirrer suitable for?

- Dec 27, 2018-

The magnetic stirrer is mainly used to stir the low viscosity solution, which is convenient. The magnetic stirrer is also heated. It can be used to heat the stirring liquid and stir while heating. If the viscosity is high, it is not good to use a magnetic stirrer. After all, the magnetic force is limited, and this requires a power agitator.
It is suitable for mixing or heating and stirring at the same time. It is suitable for liquid or solid-liquid mixture which is not very thick. After the liquid is placed in the container by using the principle of magnetic field and vortex, the stirring piece is simultaneously put into the liquid. When the base generates a magnetic field, the stirring piece is driven into a circular circulation motion to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid. With the temperature control device, the sample temperature can be controlled and maintained according to the specific experimental requirements, helping the experimenter to set the experimental conditions, greatly improving the possibility of experimental repeatability.
When using a magnetic stirrer we should pay attention to:
1. When stirring, when the stirrer is bouncing or not stirring, please turn off the power and check if the bottom of the beaker is flat and the position is positive. Please measure it at the same time. The current voltage is between 220V±10V, otherwise the above will occur. Happening.
2, the heating time is generally not too long, intermittent use to extend the life, not heating without stirring.
3. It can work continuously for 8 hours at medium speed, and can work continuously for 4 hours at high speed. It can prevent severe vibration during work.
4. Power consumption: The power socket should be a three-hole safety socket, which must be properly grounded.
5. The instrument should be kept clean and dry. It is forbidden to flow into the machine to avoid damage to the machine. When not working, the power should be cut off.