Vacuum filter funnel related accessories and application introduction

- Jan 04, 2019-

Vacuum filter funnel 25mm glass filter with glass support pad or filter support pad with PTFE coating.

Used for hybridization, particulate testing and clarification. The difference between the two devices lies in the support pad of the filter, the glass support pad or the PTFE coated support pad.
With a glass support pad to ensure that the trapped particles are evenly distributed on the surface of the filter, it is especially suitable for the collection and counting of particles.
Vacuum filter funnel introduction:
Suitable for microbiological filtration, 300ml stainless steel funnel, 1000ml drainable filter bottle.
Vacuum filter funnel features:
This product includes 300ml stainless steel funnel, 1000ml drainable waste bottle (PYREX glass processing), silicone plug, magnetic mount.
The quick drainage device and the weighted fixed plate make the use more convenient, and are suitable for filtration of microbiological tests, such as the number of total bacteria in the water and the number of coliforms.
Vacuum filter funnel application range: suitable for microbiological test filtration.
 The vacuum filter funnel contains:
1300ml stainless steel funnel;
21L magnetic drainable waste bottle;
3 Accessories: silicone plug, magnetic mount.