Three-piece filter funnel design advantages and applications

- Jan 14, 2019-

Three-piece filter funnel design advantages:

The increased frequency of use of high efficiency glass microfiber filter papers in modern laboratories has created a need for simple and effective filtration support devices. The three-piece filter funnel is designed to work with Whatman's fine particle retention, fast flow glass microfiber filter paper.
feature design
Three-piece structure. The funnel can be quickly removed to replace the new filter paper. The glass seal edges of the funnel and container ensure a good seal.
Filter fixed clamp
All trapped solid particles remain in the filter paper. The edge clips prevent leakage and prevent liquid from passing through the filter ring.
Easy to clean
Thanks to the simple design, the entire part can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.
Three support plates are available
Acrylic board: standard type. Suitable for filtration of most aqueous solutions. The zui has a high working temperature of 65 °C.
Polypropylene board: optional accessories. Recommended for most acidic materials at room temperature (except concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid). Also suitable for most alcohols, glycols, ethers and ketones. Zui high working temperature is 100 ° C
PTFE board: optional accessories. Applicable to all common acidic substances, alkaline substances and solvents above 100 °C. The zui high operating temperature is 200 °C.
Three-piece filter funnel application:
Suitable for liquid vacuum filtration to analyze microbial or particulate contamination. Improve laboratory productivity by processing multiple samples simultaneously.
Polyurethane stent manifolds are ideal for small work areas. 27.9cm (11.0 in.) wide for 3 funnels.
The aluminum bracket manifold is ideal for applications where chemical compatibility is required and where it is easy to wash. Aluminum is lighter in weight, easier to handle, and cheaper than stainless steel, but its strength is comparable to that of alloys.