The uniqueness and working performance of the structure of the decompression short-range distillation unit

- Oct 17, 2017-

The first to see is the ordinary vacuum distillation unit, it is mainly composed of distillation, gas extraction, safety protection and pressure measurement, and the key distillation parts include distillation bottle, the head of the Kirschner, capillary tube, thermometer and condenser, receiver, and other components, respectively, have different effects.

For example, the head of a vacuum distillation unit can reduce the possibility of splashing into the condenser tube as a result of liquid boiling, while the capillary is used as a gasification center, so that the distillation is stable, avoiding the overheating of the liquid and producing a burst of boiling phenomenon.

One more thing to see is a decompression short-range distillation device, which is a unique design of the heater arrangement, which is set in the evaporator outside the dual-channel heat exchanger. In this two-channel heat exchanger, there is a channel for the material liquid heating channel, through the heating material liquid input pipeline and the material liquid transmission pump and the evaporator's material liquid discharge port to connect.

There is also a heat carrier exothermic channel, its inlet and outlet and the heat carrier cycle pipeline connectivity, is to use this special channel heat exchanger for decompression short term distillation of the material liquid to provide selective, sequential instantaneous heating, thereby achieving efficient evaporation.