The principle, application and function of the evaporator of the rising film

- Oct 17, 2017-

The structure of the film evaporator and the falling film evaporator are basically the same, the main difference lies in the trend of the liquid in the evaporator, in order to raise the film evaporator, when the raw material liquid from the bottom of the heating chamber into the heating tube, heated boiling rapidly vaporization and rapid rise in the tube, the material liquid is driven by the high speed steam, forming a membranous rise along the tube wall, and continue to evaporate.

and the resulting steam and liquid together into the evaporator separation chamber, vapor and liquid through full separation, low-temperature bit of steam compressor compression, temperature, pressure increase, heat enthalpy increase, and then into the heat exchanger condensation, in order to fully utilize the latent heat of steam, liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber.

Thus, the film evaporator is suitable for evaporation of large evaporation, heat-sensitive, sticky, foaming material, liquid height reflux, in order to get rid of the impact of gravity and upward movement, so the rising film evaporator is also suitable for high viscosity products and heating surface easily scaling products.

And in the falling film evaporator, the material is down along the tube wall to accelerate the flow evaporation, so it is more suitable for high viscosity liquid evaporation; also has the foaming material evaporation enrichment, the entire evaporation process does not have the big impact, avoids the bubble formation.