The performance of various technical strengths in molecular distillation

- Oct 17, 2017-

Also distillation, molecular distillation can be in a variety of conventional distillation process stand out, by the vast number of users. This also shows that molecular distillation has its own excellent technical characteristics, and these characteristics are not realized by conventional distillation.

Most conventional distillation is the separation operation at the boiling point temperature, and molecular distillation can be separated at any temperature if it reaches enough temperature difference between hot and cold surfaces. It is obvious that molecular distillation can be used much more widely than ordinary distillation.

Second, general distillation may appear bubbling, boiling phenomenon, and molecular distillation is the free evaporation of liquid film surface, its operating pressure is very low, and heating time is very short, so there is no bubble or boiling possibility, can be more stable separation.

In addition, the evaporation and condensation of ordinary distillation are reversible processes, and the liquid phase and gas phase are in dynamic phase equilibrium. In the molecular distillation process, the molecules escaping from the heating surface fly directly to the condensation surface, and there is no possibility of returning to the heating surface, which is also the main reason why molecular distillation has no easy separation of matter.