The importance of laboratory magnetic stirrer maintenance

- Dec 25, 2018-

The laboratory magnetic stirrer is a commonly used agitator product. The product has the advantages of stable performance, flexible use, high reliability and easy maintenance. It is widely used in industrial, electric power, petroleum, chemical and other fields.
For this consumable that is indispensable in the laboratory, most customers are looking for ways to extend their service life. Here, Yinghao Gaoke Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in a method of maintaining a magnetic stirrer to maximize the life of your magnetic stirrer. I hope to help users better apply the product.
Daily maintenance methods:

1. It is best not to let the instrument work without heating liquid.
2. Before the machine is operated, it should be checked whether it is grounded, and it can be done only after it is completed.
3, in order to ensure that the instrument is not damaged, usually the inside of the instrument will be placed with insulating materials, so when we use the magnetic stirrer for the first time, we will find a little white smoke or a pungent smell. These are normal phenomena, not Product quality problems, keep it ventilated.
4, the internal device of the magnetic stirrer has an upper limit of heat, so it must be considered when heating, the best way is to ensure that the machine is not only heated, and remember to change the state of the motor to a rotating state, so Maximum protection of the magnetic stirrer.
5. After the heating work is completed, be sure to turn off the heat first. After a few minutes, the temperature has been dissipated and the stirring is turned off.
  6. To ensure the dryness of the operating environment, because the instrument is prone to leakage and other phenomena in a humid environment, this is why the instrument must be grounded. If the instrument is very humid, it must be dried with hot air.
7, must be careful during the operation, do not get burned, because the general temperature is relatively high.
8. For safety reasons, a fuse is provided on the back of the instrument. When the device is still not working, it can be checked whether it needs to be replaced.
Everyone is using a magnetic stirrer. As long as you pay attention to the use and maintenance, you can extend the service life of the equipment and better let the equipment work for us.