The difference between molecular distillation and pervaporation

- Oct 17, 2017-

In the actual industrialization application, the conventional distillation technology will be replaced by the molecular distillation technology, which shows that the excellence of molecular distillation technology is more obvious. Especially for the separation of high boiling point, thermal sensitivity and easy oxide, it can be said that molecular distillation technology is a more ideal separation method.

It is not only because molecular distillation technology can operate at very low temperature, and the time of heating is very short, and molecular distillation can effectively remove the low molecular substance in liquid, which is very effective for the solution of liquid after solvent extraction.

In addition, molecular distillation technology can selectively remove other impurities from the target product, and can separate more than two kinds of substances at the same time through multistage separation. Because its separation process is a physical process, it can well protect the separated matter from pollution and invasion.

With the development of industrialization, molecular distillation technology has been widely used in the separation of high value-added materials, especially the separation of natural objects. With the same excellent separation technology and pervaporation, mainly for the nature of different systems, the selection of appropriate membrane materials and film-making methods, you can make a large separation coefficient of the membrane, to achieve a high separation effect.