Technical details of the laboratory oil-free air compressor

- Dec 22, 2018-

The oil and oil in the laboratory oil-free air compressor generally refers to the oil content of the exhaust gas from the air compressor exhaust port. Generally, the oil content of the oil machine is large, and the oil content of the oil-free machine is 0.01. Ppm, so use this oil content to distinguish between air compressors with oil and no oil. There is also a completely oil-free air compressor, which is not lubricated with oil, but is lubricated with a resin material, so the gas discharged from the end of the zui does not contain oil. It is called a laboratory oil-free air compressor, but it was previously empty. The quality of the press is not satisfactory because the seal grease is easily lost and the bearing is dry and damaged.

Domestically, there is an oil-free laboratory oil-free air compressor. Now Zui has developed a completely oil-free air compressor that has been improved on the basis of the original oil-free air compressor. This oil-free air compressor is used. The heat-resisting piston makes the bearing grease no longer be lost by the high-temperature conduction and radiation, so that the life of the oil-free air compressor is greatly prolonged, and it has completely exceeded the life of the oil machine of the same grade.
First of all, the material of the machine itself does not contain oily substances, and it does not need to add any lubricating oil during work. Therefore, the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved, and the safety of the equipment required by the user is also guaranteed, unlike the oil air compressor, because of the exhaust gas. The inclusion of a large amount of oil molecules will cause different degrees of corrosion to the equipment provided by the user. Therefore, it is necessary to select an oil-free silent air compressor to ensure air quality.
Secondly, the use and maintenance of laboratory oil-free air compressors is more convenient and simpler than oil air compressors. As we all know, some oil air compressors need to be replaced or refueled regularly during the use of the air compressor, and some air compressors have the phenomenon of fuel injection and oil leakage. It also causes different degrees of pollution around the environment. Users need to spend time cleaning up. This increases the user's workload relatively, which in turn is contrary to the willingness of people to use machine equipment to improve work efficiency. Compared with this type of air compressor, the oil-free silent air compressor basically does not require the user to take the time to maintain, because it does not need to add a drop of oil, the fully automatic pressure sensor switch will automatically start or stop according to the amount of air you use. It can be said that it saves power. The automatic drainage device is also very user-friendly, so it is extremely convenient to use. Life is also longer than oil-cooled air compressors!
The technicians have been engaged in the laboratory oil-free air compressor theory research in the laboratory for many years, and now provide some suggestions on how to correctly select the laboratory air compressor for your reference.
1. Parameter matching Working pressure control: What is the air pressure required for working? Most of the laboratory air compressors are adjustable in 0-8 BAR (about 0-8 kg), which meets the air pressure requirements of most experimental equipment. Stable and continuous displacement (usually expressed in L/MIN): refers to the number of liters per minute of gas flow at rated working pressure, and to ensure a constant steady flow of gas, so the air compressor operating stability requirements are very high.
2, compressed air quality oil-free air compressor is the first choice: oil-free air compressor machine itself does not contain oily materials, to avoid the contamination of the terminal equipment with oil machine, so choose the laboratory silent oil-free air compressor for air quality The guarantee is necessary. After the air filter unit is configured, the air quality should meet the following international standards. The laboratory oil-free air compressor is integrated with the adsorption dryer and precision filtration system. It has its own drainage function and dew point of -40 °C. The machine has compact structure, novel and beautiful style, stable performance, large gas production and machine operation. Smooth, low noise, low temperature, energy saving 0.2-1kw / h than similar products.