Talking about the precautions of low temperature constant temperature reaction bath

- Jul 31, 2019-

The low temperature constant temperature reaction bath is suitable for low temperature experiments in scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical and other departments. It can replace low temperature reaction of dry ice and liquid nitrogen and related equipment to provide low temperature conditions, and can also be used as a low temperature water tank for viscosity test. The bottom is equipped with magnetic stirring, which is stirred in two stages to make the temperature in the stainless steel tank more uniform, and the intelligent temperature control is accurate.

The low temperature constant temperature reaction bath can be equipped with a magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the constant temperature tank. When the magnetic stirrer is working, the medium solution in the low temperature constant temperature reaction bath can be flowed to achieve a more uniform temperature in the low temperature bath and more precise temperature control. It is also possible to flow the test liquid under the agitation of the polytetrafluoro stirrer to make the temperature of the test solution more uniform and the reaction more complete. According to the customer's needs, a circulation pump can be added in the equipment to realize the effect of the low-temperature coolant circulation pump and achieve the purpose of multi-purpose.

Precautions for low temperature constant temperature reaction bath:

Please read the precautions carefully before using the low temperature constant temperature reaction bath.

1. Power supply: The power supply of this machine must use standard 220V or 380V. It should have a reasonable grounding system and be equipped with a standard three-pole safety socket.

Except for the factory-equipped plugs of the factory, the other plugs must not be connected externally, please use the air switch!

2. Medium: Use ethanol or methanol. Do not put sand or debris into the cooling system or circulating pump to prevent blockage.

Line connection: Use three-phase power supply to prevent the host from burning due to wrong connection. If you do not understand, please consult us in time.

3. Ventilation protection: There are cooling holes around the instrument. There should be enough space for good dustproof. Keep the instrument away from the heating equipment and avoid direct sunlight.

4. Temperature and humidity: The normal working room temperature range of the instrument is ≤25°C, and the humidity range is ≤60°C. Exceeding this range will affect the safety performance and performance of the instrument.

5. Instrument movement: It is strictly forbidden to move or tilt the instrument at random after liquid tank injection. The liquid in the tank may flow into the machine and cause danger or damage to the machine. Indoor open fires are strictly prohibited.