Small rotary evaporator use precautions

- Dec 14, 2018-

The glass parts should be handled gently and gently, and should be washed, dried or dried before installation.
 A vacuum grease is applied to each grinding port, sealing surface, sealing ring and joint before installation.
 Water must be added before the heating tank is energized, and dry burning is not allowed.
 If the vacuum is not pumped, it is necessary to check whether the joints and interfaces are sealed; whether the sealing ring and the sealing surface are effective; whether the vacuum grease between the main pumping and sealing ring is coated; whether the vacuum pump and its skin tube are leaking; whether the glass piece has cracks or broken Damaged phenomenon.
Small rotary evaporators are used for standard distillation, crystallization, product concentration, powder drying, and separation of one or more solvents. The high efficiency of distillation and the programmable vacuum and temperature ensure that your experiment is fast and economical.