Small rotary evaporator advantages

- Feb 27, 2018-

Small rotary evaporator advantages

The Small-scale Rotary Evaporator System can seal and decompress to 400~600mmHg, heat the solvent inside the distilling flask through the heating bath with the heating temperature approaching the boiling point of the solvent, and rotate at a speed of 50~160 r/min in order to form a thin film on the solvent and increase the evaporation area. In addition, the Small-scale Rotary Evaporator can liquefy heated steam and quicken its rate of evaporation with a highly efficient cooler. The vacuum system of the rotary evaporator can be either a simple getter pump immersed in a cooling water bath or a mechanical vacuum pump with a cooling pipe. The evaporation and condensation glass components can be either simple or complicated, depending on the purpose of the distillation and the characteristics of the solvent to be distilled.

The Small-scale Rotary Evaporator has the following advantages:

1. All rotary evaporators have an installed elevator motor which will automatically lift the flask above the heating kettle in the event of a blackout.

2. Due to the action of the centripetal force and friction force between the liquid sample and the evaporating flask, the liquid sample forms a liquid film layer with a large heating area on the surface of the evaporating flask;

3. The acting force generated by the rotation of the sample can inhibit the effective boiling point of the sample. In light its above characteristics and convenient features, it is possible to use a modern Small-scale Rotary Evaporator to distill the majority of samples in a quick and gentle way; even operators with no operating experience can accomplish this.

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