Simple troubleshooting for Double-layer Glass Reactor

- Feb 11, 2018-

Simple troubleshooting for Double-layer Glass Reactor

1. The indicator light does not illuminate when turning on the power switch. This is caused by the access failure of the external power source or poor contact. Ask a professional electrician to check the power source and socket.

2. Short circuit of protective tube. Turn the power switch to the 'OFF' position and replace the protective tube.

3. The power indicator is illuminated but the reactor does not rotate. Rusting of the rotating shaft: contact the supplier of the motor. Electrical cabinet: the seven core plug is not connected - reconnect the seven core plug.

4. The vacuum disappears suddenly. There are cracks in the glass or the switch is damaged - check the glass components or replace the switch.

5. The vacuum exists but it fails to pump. The seal ring is damaged or leakage occurs from the connecting vacuum switch - replace the seal ring or the switch.

6. The vacuum is sporadic. There is dirt on the steel shaft or the connector is loose - clean away the dirt or check the vacuum gauge and vacuum pump.

7. The vacuum hose is old. Replace the vacuum hose.

8. The core shaft of the main frame is loosened left and right. The screws on the neck top are loose - tighten them up.

10. The motor reaches too high a temperature (room temperature plus 40℃ is within the normal range) and shuts down due to overloading. Rotate the shaft by hand to verify whether it is too heavy; clear away the dirt on the contact area between the seal ring and the glass shaft, and coat it with vacuum grease.

11. The rotating speed displayed is inconsistent with the actual speed. The power voltage is unstable and there is an error within the device itself - please contact the Supplier.

12. The shell is energized. There are cracks and inflow in the heating tube - ask a professional electrician to check it out.

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