Short-range molecular distiller use range

- Jun 22, 2019-

Short-range molecular stills are a special liquid-liquid separation technique that operates under high vacuum to separate liquids at temperatures well below their boiling points. It uses the principle of the mean free path of molecular motion to heat the liquid mixture slightly so that the liquid molecules escape from the liquid surface, the light molecules fall on the condensation surface and the heavy molecules return, thus separating the liquid. This technology can solve a variety of problems that conventional distillation technology cannot solve, so the technology can be more widely applied to all aspects of the national economy. The technology has broad prospects in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, food, household chemicals, recycling and other industrial applications, such as the production of low-pressure steam oil, distillation to obtain high-viscosity lubricants, crude oil residue separation, plasticization Purification of the dosage form ester, deodorization of the polymer substance, distillation to obtain a high-purity monoglyceride, extraction of fish oil from natural animals and plants, natural vitamin E, natural flavors, spices, and the like.