Short-range molecular distiller exchange

- Jun 13, 2019-

During the operation of the short-range molecular distiller, the condensation surface and the thin surface of the equipment directly form the pressure difference directly. The pressure difference formed is the driving force of the entire steam flow direction, and the slight pressure drop in the equipment directly causes the steam. In the case of flow, the distance between the condensation surface and the boiling surface during the short-range distillation operation of the molecule is relatively short.
The short-term molecular distiller has a short time in the process of using the material in the equipment. Such equipment is also suitable for its high-viscosity materials, and the materials can be used in the process of selection. A quartz glass material with a small thermal expansion coefficient and a relatively stable chemical.
The strength of the short-range molecular distiller is high during its operation. Such equipment has strong corrosion resistance during use. Such products have good applicability to most reagents and chemical materials.
In the process of design, the advanced design concept and manufacturing process are adopted. The core component in the short-range molecular distiller is the distillation column. The structure of the device is directly related to the separation effect of the device during the process of use.
The short-range molecular distiller needs to choose its economical and reasonable distillation temperature in the process of selection, so that the material will have better stability during the process of processing, and the vapor molecules will flow from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface. There may be situations in which they collide with each other.
 The short-running molecular distiller's operating environment and the heat exchange between the cylinders can completely avoid the traditional way, which will directly cause the equipment to be overheated or insulated to cause artificial damage to the experimental data error caused by its balance.