Rotary evaporator Safety and handling should be noted

- Dec 24, 2018-

Rotary evaporator_Safety and handling should be noted
Rotary evaporator safety:
The safety of the use of rotary evaporators presents certain hazards during operation, including explosions caused by cracks in the glass components used. During the distillation process, an explosion is also produced when cooling an unstable non-single sample, such as distilling a dilute solution containing peroxide. Explosions may also occur when distilling some compounds of unknown stability, such as nitro-containing compounds, acetylides, and the like.
The main components of the rotary evaporator include:
1. Rotating the motor to drive the evaporation bottle containing the sample by the rotation of the motor;
2. Evaporation tube, the evaporation tube has two functions, firstly to play the role of the sample rotating support shaft, and secondly through the evaporation tube, the vacuum system sucks the sample;
3. A vacuum system for reducing the pressure of the rotary evaporator system;
4. The fluid heating pot is usually heated with water;
5. Condensing tube, using double serpentine condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice, acetone to condense the sample;
6. Condensate the sample collection vial and cool the sample into the collection vial.
7. A mechanical or motor mechanism is used to quickly lift the evaporation flask in the heating pot.
The rotary evaporator's vacuum system allows for a simple water immersion pump that is immersed in a cold water bath or a mechanical vacuum pump with a cooling tube. Evaporating and condensing glass components can be simple or complex, depending on the purpose of the distillation and the nature of the solvent to be distilled. Different commercial devices contain some basic features, and modern devices often add features such as digitally controlled vacuum pumps, digital display heating temperatures, and even steam temperatures.
Rotary evaporator handling should pay attention to:
Rotary evaporators are used in teaching experiments in the laboratory. It consists of an electric heating device, an evaporation bottle, and a collection bottle, and a bump is provided on the outer surface of the evaporation bottle. The utility model has the beneficial effects that: during the experiment, when the evaporation bottle is placed on the table top, it is not easy to roll, and is not easy to break, thereby reducing the experimental expenses of the school.
What should be paid attention to when handling the rotary evaporator
1. The rotary evaporator must be carried by the measuring personnel, must not collide, and must not be placed upside down.
2. Rotary evaporator consignment must be placed in a shock-proof box with a cushion, and the words “not inverted” should be marked on the outside of the box, and “optical or electronic instruments should be written, carefully and gently, and heavy pressure is strictly prohibited”. If necessary, send someone to escort.
3. When the rotary evaporator is transported by the car, to prevent the waves and vibration, it should be placed on the front cushion of the car, or placed on the leg by the person, or on the back, not on the bottom of the car. On the cabinet.
4. When moving in a short distance, the instrument should be held vertically so that the instrument maintains the vertical state of the vertical axis. Do not lie on the shoulder to avoid hurting the instrument or damaging the shafting of the instrument.