Reactor development trend

- Mar 03, 2018-

Reactor development trend

The Reaction Still is used in such industries as petrochemical engineering, rubber, pesticides, dyes and pharmaceuticals as interaction equipment for such processes as sulfonation, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization and condensation, as well as many other processes of organic dyes and intermediates.

The purpose of setting necessary heat transfer and stirring devices in the structure of the equipment is to strengthen the reaction process. The reaction still body is commonly made from steel (or steel-lined), cast iron or glassed steel.

The materials used by the reaction still and stirring device, heating method, sealing structure, volume, temperature, pressure, etc. vary according to the type.

Types and trends of chemical production reaction stills:

1. Large volume: this is the effective way and trend of increasing production and reducing quality flaws in volume production and product costs. The volume of the reaction still used for dye production is usually under 6,000L, and sometimes reaches 30m3 in other industries; in foreign countries, the volume of the reaction still used in the dye industry can be 20,000 - 40,000L, and may reach up to 120m3 in other industries.

2. Reaction still stirrer: this has developed from a single stirrer to double stirrers or an external pump for forced circulation. In addition to the stirring equipment, another trend exists in which the still rotates along the horizontal line, thereby increasing the reaction rate.

3. Automatic and continuous production instead of intermittent manual operation: this means the use of process control, which can ensure stable production, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce manual labor and also eliminate environmental pollution.

4. The rational use of thermal energy: this means to select the best process conditions, strengthen the insulation measures, improve the heat transfer efficiency, minimize heat loss, and sufficiently and comprehensively utilize the thermal energy produced from the waste heat or reaction.

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