Multi-coupled magnetic heating agitator with excellent performance, flexible use and safety

- Jul 29, 2019-

A multi-magnetic heating stirrer provides digital temperature control and speed control. By choosing the heating rate, you can experience the excellent heat transfer caused by the tightly integrated structure of the heater and the ceramic-coated aluminum alloy top plate. The top plate has excellent uniformity and corrosion resistance, and the sample can be realized during operation. Or better monitoring of color changes in the medium.

 Multi-coupling magnetic heating agitator for precise control for better accuracy

 1. Microprocessor PID control with feedback;

 2, digital LED temperature display and RPM display (temperature is 0.1C resolution);

 3. Check the current and set temperature or stirring speed at the same time;

 4, stirring speed range: 30 to 2000 rpm;

 5. When the viscosity changes, the feedback function can still maintain the normal speed;

 6, temperature range: 350 ° C / 662 ° F (maximum);

 7. The heating rate can be set from 0% to 100% at intervals of 1%;

 Easy to use features for flexibility

 1. Set the timer to start immediately, count down, or start when the top plate reaches the desired set point;

 2. User configurable temperature limit setting;

 3. Lock the keyboard to increase security;

 4, including the temperature probe;

 5. When the connected device automatically switches to the external sensor mode;

 6. The sample temperature can be controlled during use;

 7. Provide real-time sample or medium temperature detection on a digital display;

 8. Two threaded holes for the support rod can accommodate various equipment such as temperature sensors, thermometers, laboratory glassware, etc.

 Security features give you peace of mind;

 1. When closed, the top plate thermal warning indicator will light up and will remain plugged in until the top plate reaches ambient temperature;

 2. Smooth start of the stirring device during start-up to prevent splashing;

 3, automatic over temperature shutdown;

 4, detachable power cord;

 5, optional transparent protective cover can prevent splashing for users;

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