Misconceptions about the concept of molecular short-range distillation technology

- Oct 17, 2017-

On the understanding of the separation of short-range distillation technology, many people are mistaken, they think that molecular short-range distillation is a kind of production technology used to control environmental pollution and improve environmental quality. But in fact, molecular short-range distillation also includes the transmission of pollutant-containing fluid material of the power equipment, to ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention facilities monitoring and control instrumentation instruments and so on.

As an important part of environmental governance, we should pay more attention to it, the molecular short-range distillation should include complete sets of equipment, such as air purifier, sewage treatment equipment, ozone generators, industrial oxygen generator, and so on, can not be less. From the current situation, although the development of this technology is relatively late, but is being applied to various fields.

In accordance with this trend, molecular short-range distillation technology will have a long-term development, eventually become the control of environmental pollution in the field of one of the most ideal technology.