Method for selecting multi-coupling magnetic heating agitator

- Jul 22, 2019-

The heating magnetic stirrer is also called multi-connected magnetic heating stirrer. As the name suggests, it has the function of heating and stirring at the same time, collecting electric hot plate and magnetic stirrer and integrating equipment. The heating function is to set the heating device on the chassis, and also set the corresponding device to monitor the heating. The working surface will be equipped with a temperature sensor (thermocouple); the stirring function is to drive the magnetic stirrer through the yong permanent magnet located under the working plate. The yong long magnet can penetrate the working disk surface, and the magnet is directly fixed on the rotating shaft of the motor, and is rotated by the motor to drive the stirring rod to rotate.

 It is suitable for heating or stirring a solution or a reagent having a low viscosity, such as crystallization, water and oil bath heating, evaporation treatment, evaporation of solvent, chemical reaction, titration, distillation process, dissolution medium.

 The economical heated magnetic stirrer does not have a digital display of temperature and speed. The sample can only be heated or agitated by feeling or experience.

Selecting a method of heating the stirrer by a magnetic force;

 1. Strong magnetic force:

If the magnetic force of the stirring sample is not strong, it is difficult to achieve the sample stirring function with a slightly higher viscosity. When the synthesis reaction is required, the top plate needs to be equipped with an aluminum module. At this time, the height of the stirring rod is away from the heating magnetic stirrer. The top plate has a certain height. If the magnetic force is not strong, the sample cannot be effectively stirred.

 2, heat dissipation:

Because the high temperature function is used for a long time, the heat dissipation performance is not good, it is easy to cause damage to the internal circuit board and other accessories. The good shell material is made of aluminum (external spray anti-corrosion material), and the circuit board, the top plate and The enclosure needs to be equipped with high-temperature power-off protection

 3, corrosion resistance: the laboratory or sample is often acidic, the top plate must have anti-corrosion function, need to be coated with a layer of ceramic.

 4. Control and function:

The heating magnetic stirrer only has the function of stirring and stirring, but it encounters special application during the experiment. The ordinary heating magnetic stirrer can not meet the requirements. For example, some experiments require that the temperature cannot be too large, and if this time The temperature overshoot can be adjusted to adjust the temperature overshoot; there are other timings, the highest or lowest temperature limit, the lowest speed setting, and so on.