Magnetic filter funnel is economical and reliable, high temperature and high pressure resistant

- Jan 10, 2019-

The magnetic filter funnel's unique magnetic seal facilitates vacuum filtration of liquids:

The magnetic sealing technology that never leaks makes one-handed operation possible.
The new polysulfone material is compatible with anti-foaming agents and many other solvents.
Convenient to use: Various specifications can be accurately metered, and can be sterilized by high temperature, high pressure or ultraviolet.
Robust and safe; an economical, durable polysulfone funnel is safer than a fragile glass funnel.
Economical high temperature and high pressure sterilization filter funnel, widely used in environmental monitoring
1, the funnel is transparent, with scale, easy to visual inspection.
2. It is cheaper than stainless steel and more durable than glass.
3. The tapered tube is suitable for a standard size plug.
4. Provide two volumes of 50ml and 200ml.
5, the funnel is easy to change the membrane. The twist-lock connection causes the funnel to leak to a low zui.
Magnetic filter funnel features:
Unique magnetic seal for easy vacuum filtration of liquids with one hand;
Leak-free magnetics allow for one-handed operation.
The polyphenylsulfone structure is compatible with anti-foaming agents and many other solvents.
Convenience. The 150 ml size is easy to insert into a small autoclave; the 500ml size is ideal for filtering large numbers of samples.
Strong and safe. The polyphenylsulfone structure is durable and safe, and is cheaper than most glass funnels;
It is easy to remove the film with tweezers.

Magnetic filter funnel use precautions:
Repeated use of detergents containing polyethoxylated alkylphenols and alcohols, and/or anti-corrosion, anti-fouling boiler additives may cause the polyphenylsulfone to rupture, thereby shortening the life of the product. Do not autoclave the rubber stopper. Do not use aluminum foil for autoclaving. Use autoclaved paper. Please consult Pall's Technical Service Department for the use of films such as magnetically corroded materials.