Magnetic filter funnel is completely new and versatile

- Jan 25, 2019-

The magnetic filter funnel has a unique external hose connector design, so that the filter funnel can directly connect the vacuum pump through the vacuum hose, so that the filter funnel can be matched with the general waste liquid bottle, serum bottle and glass bottle to achieve the filtering effect. Will be limited by the mix of vacuum bottles. The filter funnel is made of polyethersulfone (PES) material, which is durable, high-temperature, steam-sterilized and resistant to a wide range of organic solvents.

The powerful function of the magnetic filter funnel:
Save 70% desktop space
The innovative modular design of the filter funnel simplifies the steps and equipment required to utilize membrane filtration, saving 70% of the desktop space and accelerating the overall experimental process.
Direct drainage design, no need to install vacuum bottles
The innovative intuition design allows the filter funnel to be filtered directly, and the wastewater can be drained directly. The entire process can be directly filtered without the need to install a vacuum bottle.
Multi-functional platform for installation of multiple filter funnels
The multi-purpose platform of the filter funnel allows the main unit to fit the sample and replace the filter holder with a suitable filter funnel.
Filter funnel features:
Pretreatment of various water samples for microbiological testing;
Detection of suspended solids in factories, rivers and drinking water;
Purification of reagents commonly used in life science experiments;
Various vacuum filtration commonly used in laboratories;
Unique magnetic design, can still be operated with one hand under high sealing;
Side vacuum joint design, can be used with various waste bottles, serum bottles, vacuum bottles;
The filter funnel base is designed with a positioning ring, which can be quickly positioned when the filter is placed;
PES materials can be autoclaved and have good corrosion resistance;
The newly designed filter funnel utilizes the magnetic attraction principle to firmly and quickly sandwich the filter membrane between the filter funnels, allowing for simple and fast filtration. Its new double-layer powerful magnet design allows the opening and closing of the filter funnel with only one hand while maintaining a high degree of sealing. And the filter funnel base is designed with positioning points, which can be quickly positioned when the filter is placed.