Installation of Rotary Evaporator

- Jan 30, 2018-

Installation of Rotary Evaporator:

1. After opening the rotary evaporator, familiarize yourself with the corresponding positions of each component, then take the instrument out slowly with one hand holding the support and one hand holding the base, or holding the support with both hands.

2. Install the tripod before taking out the instrument; immediately place the instrument on the tripod and fix it with the central screw.

3. The rotary evaporator must not be left unobserved before packing.

4. The rotary evaporator shall be carried by the survey crew, and shall not be bumped, dropped or upended.

5. The rotary evaporator shall be placed in a shockproof case loaded with cushioning, and the case shall be marked with 'DO NOT UNPEND' and 'Optical or Electric Instrument - Handle with Care and Do Not Load with Weight'. Send staff to escort it if necessary.

6. Avoid bumping and shaking the rotary evaporator during transportation by car; place it on a cushion in the front of the car or bind it and place it on the lap or on the back. It must not be put in the trunk.

7. When moving the instrument a short distance, hold it vertically to make sure the vertical axis remains upright; do not carry it horizontally on the shoulders to avoid bumping it or damaging its axis.

8. When packaging the rotary evaporator, fasten or loosen the clamp screws according to instrument type and pack each component properly based on its respective position. Close the case cover gently and tightly clasp the buckles on both sides.

9. When closing the case, check that the tools and accessories of the instrument are placed properly and will not move around inside the packaging, which may damage the instrument's components.

10. If concerns are raised about the case and cover, identify and eliminate the problems before covering the instrument. Pressing or clasping with excessive force is strictly prohibited.

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