Industrial use of vacuum film evaporator and its maintenance

- Oct 17, 2017-

Although the form of evaporation is different, the equipment used in evaporation is different, but it is done by heating the way, vacuum film evaporator is one of them. It can heat the solution containing the nonvolatile solute to the boiling condition so that some solvents evaporate and be removed, thus increasing the solute concentration in the solvent.

The vacuum film evaporator has specific application range, in industrial production, if you want to use concentrated dilute solution directly to produce products, or the concentrated solution to process the production of solid products, you can use this device, the specific case of electrolytic caustic soda concentration, sugar water concentration and a variety of fruit juice concentration.

Second, the vacuum film evaporator can also be used for concentrated solution and recovery solvents, such as the concentration of organic phosphorus pesticide benzene solution of benzene, the production of alcohol in Chinese medicine evaporation, etc., are inseparable from the vacuum film evaporator. In addition, to obtain pure solvent also depends on the vacuum film evaporator.

Thus, this evaporation equipment in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and other industries in the evaporation operation is widely used. However, the effective use of equipment is not regular day-to-day maintenance, the first is about the maintenance of vacuum film evaporator pumps, to pay attention to its lubrication and oil replacement.