Important factors influencing the working ability of molecular distillation unit

- Oct 17, 2017-

In the process of molecular distillation, many factors will affect the ability of the molecular distillation equipment, the more obvious is the feeding position and the type of filler. Because of this, you must be cautious when designing a molecular distillation unit.

If the molecular distillation equipment has more than two feeding ports, it is generally necessary to set at different heights of the device. Production should be based on the specific circumstances, select the appropriate feeding port, if necessary, adjustments. The basic principle is that the feed temperature in the bubble point or near the bubble point when the feeding equipment, the choice of feeding port is based on the composition of the feed and the composition of the feed plate in accordance with the decision.

Generally speaking, when the volatile composition of the separated mixture increases, choose the higher position of the feed mouth. With the change of the feed state in the molecular distillation unit, the feed inlet should be adjusted accordingly, and the feed inlet with higher position should be used when the feed temperature is lowered.

When the molecular distillation equipment in the use of different kinds of fillers, the separation effect is not the same, according to the filling method can be divided into bulk packing and structured packing, compared with the same size, pall in molecular distillation unit of higher gas-liquid flux, separation effect is better.