How to achieve separation at low pressure by molecular distillation technology

- May 28, 2019-

In the operation of molecular distillation, the theoretical molecular distillation separation process of low pressure distillation occurs between 0.01 Pa and 0.1 Pa. During the operation, the distillation pressure can increase the molecular motion mean free path of the compound, thereby expanding the average freedom between compounds. The difference in the process, the separation.
Molecular distillation is generally in the traditional distillation technology. The compound to be separated is first gasified at the boiling point to become a gas. The gaseous compound is extracted as a whole under the action of a vacuum pump, and condensation can be obtained only when flowing through the condenser. .
The excessive distance between the condenser and the evaporation surface makes the section filled with gaseous compounds, making it difficult to reduce the pressure at the evaporation surface. For the molecular distillation technique, since the condenser and the evaporation surface are arranged closely, the compound to be separated is condensed once it evaporates, and thus the partial pressure of the gaseous compound between the condenser and the surface of the evaporator is low, and the low pressure can be achieved. The compound is isolated.