Filter funnel usage and specific maintenance items

- Jan 06, 2019-

Filter funnel usage:

The filter adapter can be screwed onto various size blue caps (serum bottles) of GL45G size and connected to the filter funnel.
Very convenient for all kinds of vacuum filtration, filtration use!
In particular, purification of various organic reagents, drug filtration, medium filtration, and the like.
Just filter the sample each time, replace the blue cap bottle, and continue to filter.
The blue cap bottle is a commonly used storage container for various reagents and solvents.
Filter funnel stainless steel features:
The main body of this product is made of stainless steel, which is tough, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It combines with exquisite polishing technology to highlight the beauty and elegance on the basis of practicality. It is an ideal choice for families or schoolers.
Filter funnel notes:
1. Stainless steel utensils must be washed with boiling water or washed with water several times before use to ensure cleanliness.
2, to avoid knocking, falling, collision and strong impact, otherwise it will cause deformation of stainless steel products, affecting the appearance and use effect.
3, stainless steel products should not be in contact with soy sauce, vinegar, salt and other substances for a long time to extend the service life.
4. The inside of the stainless steel vessel sometimes produces some red spots due to the influence of iron and other substances in the contents. It can be diluted with warm water for 30 minutes and then thoroughly cleaned.
5, stainless steel utensils should be cleaned with a soft cloth and ordinary detergent. Do not use alkaline bleach, metal melon cloth, chemical rags, etc.
6, in order to prevent the occurrence of odor or stains, and can be used for long-term cleaning, after use, clean the stainless steel utensils and make them fully dry.
7. After the stainless steel vessel is heated at high temperature, do not touch it directly with hands to avoid burns.
Filter funnel stainless steel kitchenware maintenance:
Stainless steel kitchen utensils are beautiful and generous, and are very popular among everyone. However, it is easy to stick to oil in the kitchen and other places. It is troublesome to clean. Now we introduce two methods of decontamination:
1. Apply a decontamination powder to the surface of the kitchen utensils for brushing.
2. If the decontamination powder is not completely cleaned, use a fine sand to gently grind it in the contaminated area to remove the stain.
In addition, we can pay more attention to the use to avoid the accumulation of stains, such as oil in the cold pot, wash after use, and dry the water stains, etc., and wash the surface with orange peel and decontamination powder, you can Make the old kitchen utensils shine as new.