Early forms of molecular distillation units and improved device forms

- Oct 17, 2017-

As a separation technology which has not been completely popularized, molecular distillation has been able to solve many problems which cannot be solved by conventional technology, especially in the liquid-liquid separation of industrialized production. To achieve this goal, the first is to have a complete molecular distillation device.

It is understood that a complete set of molecular distillation equipment including molecular evaporator, degassing system, feed system, heating system, cooling vacuum system and control system, and its core is molecular evaporator. There are many kinds of molecular evaporators, which make up many different molecular distillation devices.

In the early days, the form of falling film molecular distillation, the main characteristics of the structure is simple, but because of the thickness of the liquid film, efficiency and other drawbacks, has been rarely used. The device is to take the gravity action, so that the material on the evaporation surface into a liquid film down the way, the material heating, evaporation can be in the relative direction of condensation on the surface.

With the further study of molecular distillation device and technology, the device can achieve high separation efficiency, but the structure of the molecular distillation unit is not simple. In order to make the liquid film thickness on the evaporation surface small and evenly distributed, a hard carbon or PTFE rotating scraper is arranged in the distiller.