Double glass reactor operating procedures

- Feb 01, 2018-

Operating Procedures of Double-layer Glass Reactor

1. Check whether the power voltage is consistent with the specification designated on the duty plate.

2. Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch on the frequency converter, and use the speed-governing rotary knob to choose the appropriate speed.

3. The flow of materials and power for the rotation speed of the motor may result in resonance at a certain time point; make sure to alter the rotation speed of the motor to avoid such resonance.

4. Rotate the stirring rod by hand after it is mounted. Pay attention to notice whether the concentricity conforms to requirements, and loosen for re-clamping in case of inappropriate concentricity. Turn the power on after clamping it upright, and gradually adjust the speed from slow to fast.

5. Using the stirring rod adjuster, move the stirring blade 5cm up or down as required.

6. If the sealing property of the reaction still is degraded, check the swivel bearing inside the cover of the stirrer.

7. The glassware apparatus of the reaction unit is made of GG-17 low expansion factor and high temperature resistant fine quality borosilicate glass; ensure that it has the proper glass material to guarantee safe use.

8. If the interlayer of the glass reaction still connects with the circulation port externally, pass hot oil and cooled liquid through to induce a heating reaction and low temperature reaction respectively; the temperature must not exceed 0.5k-1k in case of steam heating (avoid heating with pressurized steam).

9. The feeding valve at the bottom may frost up during testing at low temperatures; unfreeze the local part of the valve before use to prevent the glass from mincing.

10. In case of the presence of particles in the solution under use, the remains may be deposited at PTFE piston of the valve during material feeding; as this may affect the air tightness of valve when reusing, the valve must be cleaned after each feeding before being used again.

Maintenance Items of Double-layer Glass Reactor:

1. Before use, carefully inspect whether the apparatus and glass bottle are damaged and whether the interfaces are identical, and handle with care.

2. It must be stressed that the device is fragile, and users should handle it with care during utilization; any damage to fragile products falls outside the scope of the Company's warranty range. If it is required by the customers, we will charge a corresponding repair fee.

3. Do not tighten the PTFE switches with excessive force, as this may damage the glass.

4. First, turn on the power switch and let the machine operate from slow to fast; for power-off, let the machine stop and then turn the power switch off.

5. Do not screw the interfaces too tightly; periodically loosen and adjust them to avoid the scuffing of the connectors due to long-time locking.

6. Use a soft cloth to clean away traces of oil, stains and solvent remains from the surface of the machine, and keep it clean after every use.

7. Clean the seal ring periodically with the following method: take the seal ring off, inspect it for dirt accumulating around the axis, scrub it clean with a soft cloth, coat it with a small amount of vacuum grease and remount it; always keep the axis and seal ring well-lubricated.

8. Loosen each PTFE switch after power-off, as the PTFE piston may deform in case of being static in operation status for a long period.

9. The electrical parts must not be exposed to water and moisture.

10. Use a soft cloth (a napkin is suitable) to clean each interface, then coat them with a small amount of vacuum grease. Always cover the vacuum grease after use to prevent lime sand from contaminating it.)

11. Authentic accessories are required to be purchased from the original plant; the arbitrary use of other accessories may cause fatal injury to the machine.

12. Shut off the power and water sources before repairing or inspecting the machine.

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